Start to Finish. Our Turn-Key Building Process

It all starts with a conversation.

Whether you are a homeowner looking to build your dream “mancave” or “she shed”, a farmer who needs some additional hay storage, or a business owner who is looking to expand your warehouse space, we want to hear about what you want to build.

Step 1
You talk, we listen. Give us a call or stop by our office for a chat. Whether you already have a set of drawings, or need help with a complete design-build, we want to hear about your vision for your building project.

Step 2
Here are some options. We will work together to define the functions and features of your building based on your needs, and give you recommendations on sizing, layout, material finishes etc.

Step 3
Time to design. Once we’ve agreed on the general shape and size of the building, it’s time to put pencil to paper and start drawing. Starting with a floor plan and concept, we will work through the design process with you (including any revisions or changes) to produce a final set of construction drawings with 3D renderings.

Step 4
Let's Make a Plan. With drawings complete, we will look after managing the entire permit process from start to finish, and clear any red tape with townships and conservation authorities. While we wait for permits and approvals, we will put together a plan and schedule for breaking ground on your new building.

Step 5
Ready-Set-Go! This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. We’ll introduce you to our Site Manager who will coordinate all aspects of the building phase during construction. Foundations will be staked, excavations completed, concrete poured and walls framed quickly and continuously. No half completed projects and no-show days for our crews. When our building team show up to your site, we will be back every day until the job is done.



Step One

What type of building do you need?


Step Two

What will be the approximate size of your building?

Don't need to be exact! (yet)


Step Three

Just a little more info would really help us!


Extras and Inclusions:
Type of Framing:

Step Four

And what would you like from us?

Do you have a design?
How much do you want us to do?

Final Step

Tell us about yourself!

And how we can get in touch with you.